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Tips for safe Holidays during COVID

With the coronavirus still in full swing and the holiday season quickly approaching, one thing’s for sure: this holiday season will be unlike any other we’ve seen before.

Holiday Shopping:

The Pre- Shopping Plan! This year is not the year to meander through the mall, looking for inspiration for dear Aunt May.

- Talk to the people on your list. Ask for an idea list. Then make your choice before you head out.

Do your homework:

Know where you can get your item, how to get there as well as plan for any additional information you might need to know before entering the store. Better yet, you might be able to order online and have it delivered right to your door!

Before you head out:

Have a game plan – make lists, remember to take your list, plan a route and be efficient.

Health and Safety First: Shopping

Think about what kinds of precautions you need to take to keep safe

· Carry your hand sanitizer and face coverings

· Practice physical distancing

· Hand sanitize before and after leaving stores and remember to wash your hands often.

Keep informed:

· Know the Covid-19 shopping rules for the stores you want to visit (e.g., wearing a mask, maximum capacity, etc.)

· Check out store hours, including extended or reduced holiday hours

· Days your favorite stores will be closed (e.g., Remembrance Day)

· Upcoming deals (e.g., Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday)

· Other precautions stores might be taking that might affect you. (e.g., limited store capacity etc.)

· You can keep informed about holiday hours, promotions, and rules and updates by checking out websites and social media pages and reaching out to stores by phone or email. Consider online shopping, curbside pickup or delivery options.

Online shopping

This year, more than ever, the ONLINE option will and should be the “mall” of choice. Keep in mind, you will need to:

- Order early to allow for delivery as well as the fact that a larger number of ONLINE shoppers will be hitting the “web” this year. Don’t get left “sold out”.

- Send deliveries to an address where someone will be home. Parcels on the front porch unattended are an invitation for thieves.

- Buyer beware – not everything looks as it appears online. Check measurements and actual sizes before pushing that “BUY” button.

Think outside of the box – What about considering the “holidays” without shopping at all this year… the pandemic has hit many hard financially and not everyone will not have the means to purchase gifts.

- Crafts and cooking - create new holiday memories for friends and family with a handmade craft, the gift of photos or cooking creations. All gifts from your heart meaning much more than something from a store.

- Experiences: Outdoor gatherings - a family sledding afternoon with homemade hot chocolate and cookies, a bon fire with marshmallows, snow shoeing, have everyone bring a handmade tree decoration and decorate a tree in your yard.

Health and Safety First: Gatherings

With the phased reopening of businesses continuing across the country, we are also seeing an increase in positive COVID numbers. Be safe. Continue to practice “safe” social gatherings etiquette:

- Outdoors when possible

- Face coverings indoors and physical distancing

- Wash your hands often and don’t touch your face

Other ideas

- have one person serve

- everyone takes their own dishes and loads them directly into the dishwasher

Be smart, be safe this holiday season.


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