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Five Star



Cycle with purpose and power using  Carbon Blue™ technology

– a belt drive system combining unmatched durability with the authentic outdoor biking feel you expect from Schwinn.


GROUP Ride:  Ride like an athlete. Party like the weekend. This cycling class is the perfect balance between training and partying! Feel the energy and power that comes from riding in a group guided by a knowledgeable coach, driving music and social interaction.



These workouts are developed using technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates," 


Barre Power: Strengthen, lengthen and chisel your body. Take barre training to a new level with this dance inspired workout fused with yoga, Pilates, strength and flexibility training providing a multilevel, total body workout that will transform you.


These classes help strengthen and help your heart more efficiently pump blood throughout the body.

CARDIO (choreographed)

Cardio Max: Sweat to the max! Get your “high” in this cardio workout that combines simple choreography with high intensity intervals to give you maximal results while moving to your favorite tunes!


Move: Move your body in this high-spirited cardio workout that brings music and movement together in an exciting choreographed class that will leave you feeling energized.

Move +:  Move your body and build your cardio fitness in this energized choreographed workout followed by a muscle burn to sculpt the body. Finish with a revitalizing stretch for a perfect workout.


This high intensity interval training workout challenges your metabolic system to burn energy. With a combination of cardio, strength and power moves this full body workout will make you sweat!


Pulse: Unleash your inner dancer! From reggaeton to jazz, hip hop to salsa, anything goes in this non-stop cardio dance fitness class. Move to the beat of the most popular dance music. Designed for people who love to dance and sweat!

Interval Training

Improve overall functioning of your body, increase muscle strength and endurance, and develop muscle and body stability. 



HIIT: Drive your fitness gains to the max with short burst high intensity intervals to stimulate quick results, calorie expenditure and the after burn (EPOC). The exercises are simple in design, but the workout is never boring! Get in, get it done and get results!



High Voltage: Shock the system with this full body Cross Fit style class. Swing, lift, jump and push in this high energy workout. Train hard and reap the benefits of incredible results.

Renegade Circuit: Train the rebel in this highly effective total body workout. This interactive circuit training combines cardio, resistance and functional training that’s time effective. No experience required.

Turbulent: Driven by high energy music and coaching this explosive interval training workout stimulates your cardio, strength and core like no other class you have experienced. Take your fitness to new heights!


These classes challenge you to work out beyond your perceived limitations. Join our community of fitness enthusiasts and find your tribe!


Strength: Can’t seem to get motivated in the gym? This highly effective strength training workout is designed to give you results in a super charged motivating atmosphere. With an excellent coach and high energy music this total body strength workout will make you strong.


Body Sculpt: Define and sculpt every part of your body in this full body muscle defining class. This body weight workout combines core training and muscle defining exercises to give you a complete workout. Choreographed to inspiring music, experience a new, innovative and challenging class.

Yoga & Pilates

Focus on postures, breathing exercises and meditation to make for a healthier  body, mind and soul.  


Yoga Pilates: The perfect blend of Pilates and yoga to give you the ultimate strength, stability and flexibility 

workout. This mindful class focuses on alignment, flow and breath, leaving you feeling strong.

Yoga Revive: Revive your mind and body in this unique class that balances the high energy of standing poses to build stamina and strength with the calming and restorative poses to quiet the mind and body. Feel completely revived.

Yoga Flow: Integrate strength, movement and breath work to improve balance, focus, mobility, endurance and ultimately performance. This yoga practice flows from pose to pose linking breath and movement into a moving meditation.

Yin Yoga: This is a powerful practice to enhance mobility and reduce tension that utilizes long holds to target and release the deeper tissues; tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body. Practiced in a warm room to help relax your body, allowing for a deep, safe and gentle practice that will leave you physically and mentally balanced.


Meditation: Find your peaceful warrior and experience the power of meditation. Recharge and rejuvenate with this purposeful practice.





Pilates Core: This class combines revolutionary core training techniques with evolved and traditional Pilates mat exercises to enhance the function and power of your core. Evolve your Pilates practice.



Fascial Flex: Train hard and recover harder. Maximize your performance by taking care of your body in this signature class that takes body and muscle restoration to new level. Practice sophisticated myofascial release techniques in combination with dynamic stretching for the best results. Your body will thank you.

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