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Our Legacy

To address the unprecedented challenges of the COVID19 pandemic, The Academy powered by Heavens Fitness Ltd. has pivoted to meet the new demands of providing fitness and wellness to you during mandated closures and imposed restrictions.  We now offer live streaming classes, on-demand workout videos, online workouts and virtual personal training.

We have always and will continue to evolve. Ultimately our success is defined by you: no matter the challenge, we will continue to understand your needs, support our community and team to continue to keep our business alive.

In these unprecedented times, we had a choice after 39 years, to fold up, or to keep doing…we choose as always to keep doing.  This is our legacy.

Our philosophy is TRAIN RIGHT FOR LIFE. We are in it for the long run.

Why the Academy?

Academy, is the commonly used word for collective institution of high learning and opportunity under one roof. We felt this best describes what we have to offer that is unique to other organizations in the fitness industry.

Our vision is to train right for life and to achieve a healthy life balance.

Our mission is bound by a common philosophy: to provide an outstanding fitness experience that you feel is your own. It’s a way of life.

Our Legacy is to never settle for what is popular, always seeking the best for you. We have evolved over time letting go of things that are no longer effective and adding training methodologies that are based on science and results - Train Right!


Our ongoing passion for education and innovation have led us to the new era of Heavens…The ACADEMY.  Thank you to our amazing team of motivators, coaches, trainers and service providers. Thank you to our very loyal clients for their years of support.



With Gratitude 

Helen Vanderburg and Elaine Arthur

Co-owners and Women on a Mission

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