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Get Schooled

We are in it to educate.

Why get certified with us?

The ACADEMY is a recognized Fitness Alberta Training Centre. We offer accredited provincial and national fitness industry certification programs. 

In the world of choices for training and education courses both online and in-person, here is why you want to learn from us.


Lead by international fitness expert, consultant and education leader, Helen Vanderburg, The ACADEMY Team of educators is recognized for their high level of expertise and experience in leading group training, continued education workshops, personal training and certification programs. 

Become an accredited fitness leader and join a community of fitness professionals or gain more personal knowledge for your health and fitness. 

Learn from the most respected team of educators in the fitness industry. 

Meet our Education Team

Helen Vanderburg, BPE: ACE, Yoga RYT

Terry Kane: Orthopaedic Physiotherapist 

Michelle Cederberg: BKIN

Judi Rich: BSc

Joanne Metz: Fitness Alberta Trainer

Karen Vouri: BPE

Lana Asuchuk: BPE

Instructor Certifications
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