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Membership FAQ's

The ACADEMY is fully open and waiting for you!

I was a member before the pandemic, how do I find out my membership status?

Please contact to get you started again.


Do I need to book for Group Classes?

Yes, to ensure your spot. The classes are available in-studio and virtually via zoom.

Please book your classes in advance.

How do I book a personal trainer?


If you have any membership questions, please email  

General Usage & Bookings

We can't wait to see you!

All classes, personal training and services are in full swing!

Classes and personal training is also available via ZOOM.

Visit our On-Demand Video Platform for classes anywhere and anytime!

What do I need to know before coming back?

Please read Our Promise To You before your first visit. 

Online Registration & Virtual Classes

I am not getting any emails?

Click here to get back on our email list.


Making online registration easier for you!

Ready to get back in the club?


  • log into your Mindbody account

  • Sign in with the email you provided The Academy. Book a class under 'Classes' tab.

  • Book a class through our website. Book reservation under 'Join Us' tab.

  • Reservations open one week prior to the booking and remain open until 30 minutes prior to the reservation time.

  • Please provide at least 30 minutes cancellation notice prior to booking time.

  • If you pay for your membership monthly, the Mind Body system will temporarily “restrict” any reservations for after your payment date until your payment goes through for that month. Please ask the front desk to register you manually for those couple of days each month.

Group Fitness

How do I join INSTAGRAM to view The ACADEMY workouts and content? 

Download the INSTAGRAM app on your smart phone and follow @theacademy_yyc

Are live stream Zoom classes with the Academy free?

Our live stream Zoom classes are available for active members or pass holders.

Can anyone participate in the live stream Zoom classes?

Yes. You can drop in or purchase a pass card to participate.


How do I participate in the Academy live stream Zoom classes?

Create a MindBody account if you don’t already have one and click on sign up. 

You will be emailed a link to the zoom meeting for the class approximately 30 minutes prior to class. 

What will I need to attend a yoga or Pilates class?
Please bring your own yoga mat.

What do I need for a Group Ride class?

Please bring your own cycle shoes or running shoes. Our clips are SPD Shimano.

And a water bottle!

If you are new to indoor cycling please arrive 15 mins before the class to have the instructor

set you up with a bike fit. 

How do I register for a class?

Create a MindBody account if you don’t already have one and click on sign up. 

Why doesn’t my MindBody account seem to allow me access to the Academy OnDemand?

The Academy OnDemand is a separate offering to The Academy facility membership.

Follow to sign up for a 7 day free trial to access over 90 workout videos with your favorite ACADEMY instructors

and classes. Anytime and anywhere.

Why isn’t MindBody allowing me to register for a class? 

There are two possible reasons.

1. Are you using the correct email address?

2. MindBody restricts registration access close to your monthly payment date. If this applies please contact us to register you.

For up to date information opt into receiving email communication from us and please follow us on INSTAGRAM and FaceBook.

Equipment is cleaned and sanitized between classes.

Personal Training FAQ's

Why would I work with a Personal Trainer?

Working one on one with a Personal Trainer is the most effective way to achieve your goals.

They are your personal expert to help you develop the best program with your specific needs in mind.

How do I know what trainer is best for me?

Our “Fitness Coach Request Form” is designed to help us gather important information to help get you set up with the best trainer for your needs. Days and times, male or female, goals, injury history, exercise preferences are just some of the things that help us determine the best trainer to suggest for you. In addition, we offer a Free Strategy session with perspective trainers to make sure you feel they are a right fit for you. Book your FREE Consultation today!


Who books my PT session?
The PT’s are solely responsible for scheduling and will book all sessions based on your combined availability.

Once booked you will receive an email confirmation.

What is the cancelation policy?
There is a 24 hour cancelation policy. Cancelations after this time will be charged a PT session.


How long will my sessions with my trainer be?

We’ve developed our packaging so that there is a great deal of flexibility to meet each individual’s needs.

30, 45 or 60 minute session packages are available.

We also have “virtual” personal training packages available.

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