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Swing Into Shape: Golf Fitness Ready

It’s almost time to pull the clubs out of storage! As we move towards May, many golf courses have opened with many eager to hit the links! To assist in keeping your body safe, injury free, and active, we have put together exercises to prepare for the golf season, highlight the most common injuries, and tips to prevent an injury while golfing. Keep reading to find out more!

Common Injuries and Exercises to Prepare:

Back Strain:

• Dead bugs.

• Seated Cable rows.

• Woodchops using a cable or band.

Knee Strains and Pain

• Squats.

• Lunges to sprinter pose.

Rotator cuff tears and Shoulder Strain

• Internal & external shoulder rotation.

• Dumbbell shoulder press.

Tennis elbow/ Golfers elbow

• Bicep curls.

• Triceps pushdowns.

Tips to Keep your Game Injury Free:

• Strengthen your core!

• Strengthen the legs with lunges, squats, and wall sits.

• Strengthen the ankles with balance exercises such as airplanes.

• Warm up the shoulders with arm circles, going through full range of motion.

• Warm up your spine with rotations, using your golf club for stability.

• Perform dynamic mobility and stretch exercises before and after golfing.

• Drink plenty of water while golfing, especially on warmer days.

If you have questions or want more tips on preparing for the golf season, contact one of our Health & Fitness professionals today at

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