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Tips for a Healthy Easter

Easter is just around the corner! For those who celebrate the Easter weekend can mean a busy schedule, family gatherings, chocolate Easter eggs, and a big meal. We have some helpful tips for you to stay on track with your goals, and to reduce stress about your Holiday events. 

Get your steps in – Going for a walk before and/or after Holiday meals can help to promote digestion and reduce bloating.  You could even join in on an Easter egg hunt to get your steps!

Stay hydrated – Drinking water throughout the day and with your meals can help promote digestion, reduce bloating, and help avoid constipation. Aim for a minimum of 1L daily!

Don’t restrict meals – Make sure to eat throughout the day leading up to your meal, restricting food to “save” your calories can often lead to overeating or binging on foods later. Focus on eating vegetables and protein throughout the day to keep yourself satiated with healthy options that include high fiber, to aid in digesting your larger meal.

Take smaller portions – Use a smaller plate to portion your food and eat slowly and mindfully. Before going back for seconds, take a few minutes to let your brain catch up to your stomach to see if you’re still hungry or not. 

Stay in your fitness routine – Continue your normal workout routine, if you don’t have time to get to the gym choose another activity to stay active! This could be going for a walk, doing a home workout, or even participating in outdoor activities such as hiking. 

Eat treats in moderation – Easter often comes with lots of chocolate, eat these treats in moderation! Choosing to eat one or two treats and knowing you can have more another day is a great habit to build to avoid overindulging on those less nutritious options. 

ENJOY the meal guilt-free – Having a healthy lifestyle means allowing yourself to enjoy special occasions with friends and family, so go ahead and eat your Holiday meal(s) without guilt. 



If you have questions or want more tips to stay on track over Easter, contact one of our Health & Fitness professionals today at

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