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Strong By Summer!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Summer. Warmer temperatures, green grass and flowers blooming rekindles the urge to get out and enjoy our favorite summer activities.

Get ready for all of the amazing summer activities by incorporating activity specific strengthening exercises to existing fitness programs to help ensure the best, summer of fun and help keep you injury free all year round.

The ACADEMY experts have compiled a few tips to help get you going. They have space NOW to help you!

Golf - strength training programs should incorporate rotational exercises, shoulder and core strength exercises as well as lots of walking.

Running – although many run all year round, some wait for the snow to melt before hitting the pathways. Runners want to ensure that core, quads, glutes, hamstring and calves are targeted for strength right now to help start you back right on stride!

Hiking –when snow and ice finally melt, hit the trails with confidence by focusing your training on glutes and quads. A strong core is also essential for this activity and will help you to carry a heavy pack.

Cycling – although it is commonly assumed that cycling is all about the legs, core strength and shoulder girdle stability are just as important for this activity, facilitating comfort and stabilizing body position. Upper back strength is also key to counteract the pull of gravity in the cycling position.

Paddling – again, one of those tricky sports where we are convinced it’s all about the upper body strength, however without adding core strengthening exercises to your program, your success this season will be limited.

Although many are successful in keeping fitness programs going all year round, adding “activity specific” training now, for summer activities, will help ensure your summer is full of lots of injury free, outdoor activities.

For best results, it’s ideal to consult with an expert to help you achieve your goals. Contact personaltraining@heavensacademy.comto set up your free strategy session with one of our experts

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