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Move More Month

April is Move More Month, with a goal of encouraging more daily movement to help improve overall health!

Physical activity is considered anything that requires you to actively move your body, such as walking, weightlifting, biking, fitness classes and swimming. Keep reading to find out what benefits physical activity can provide!

Benefits of Physical Activity

Strengthened Connective Tissue – Moving your body daily helps to strengthen bones, muscles, and other connective tissues such as your tendons and ligaments. This can help reduce joint pain, lower your risk of falling, and help prevent injuries. Strength training is a fantastic way to strengthen your connective tissue!

Improved Energy Levels – Physical activity has been proven to improve your energy levels by increasing blood flow, which allows for more oxygen to move around the body. Improved oxygen and blood circulation means more energy production, lower fatigue levels, and improved cognitive function.

Increased Life Span – Daily physical activity helps to lower your risk of developing diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, and Alzheimer's. A lower risk of disease means a longer life span, with a better quality of life!

Improved Brain Function – Physical activity increases blood flow and improves cognitive function. Improved blood and oxygen circulation to the brain can help to improve neuroplasticity, or the ability for the brain to learn and adapt.

Decreased Stress Levels – Physical activity releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins which can help to lower stress levels and increase self-esteem. Physical activity also mimics the effects of stress, such as fight or flight, which can help the body work to manage stress levels more effectively and protect your body from harmful effects of stress.

Weight Management – Daily physical activity can help to manage your weight and maintain a healthy body composition.

Look for our blog next week, where we will give you tips to move more during the day, talk about how many steps are ideal to get daily, and how much exercise you should be getting every week!

Move more with us. Check out all the ways you can move on our class schedule. If you have questions or want more information on how physical activity can improve your health, fitness and wellness, contact one of our Health & Fitness professionals today at

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