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Limited on Time? Try this.

Time Efficient Summer Workout

HIIT workouts are one of the best ways to stay in shape when time is limited!

With summer vacations, long weekends, and social events, staying in shape during the summer can be challenging! Instead of falling off the wagon try this quick HIIT workout to help you when you just can’t make it to the gym!

a) 18 Burpee Jump, 18 Plank jack,18 Skater 2.5 min interval

b) 9 Burpee Jump, 9 Plank jack, 9 Skater 1.5 min interval

c) 4 Burpee Jump, 4 Plank jack, 4 Skater 1 min interval

When you're done with the set, hold the plank until the end of the interval.

Try to complete 3 rounds and take 15 sec off each round.

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