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Here Comes the SUN!

Staying Safe in The Sun

This past week Calgary has had incredible weather with lots of sun and warmth, as a result many of us have been outside more than usual. While being outside can have many benefits, we need to keep in mind the impact of high UV exposure or excess heat. Read below for ways to stay safe this summer while moving outdoors!

Stay Hydrated – Whether inside or outside make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day, you don’t have to be sweating to become dehydrated! If you’re someone who forgets to drink, set a timer to drink water every 20 minutes.

Wear Sunscreen – UV rays from the sun can affect your skin even when cloudy, make sure to apply sunscreen to uncovered skin, especially the face. If you are going in the water or sweating re-apply every 1-2 hours. Keep in mind it only takes about 10 minutes without sunscreen from UV rays to become potentially dangerous to the skin.

Find shade – Although the sun feels great after a long winter, give your skin a break by periodically finding shade! This is especially important if you will be outside for more than an hour.

Wear light coloured & breathable clothing – Wearing light coloured clothing can help to reflect the sun and heat, helping to keep you cooler. Breathable clothing such as cotton and rayon (bamboo) can help to increase air flow.

Wear a hat – When outside in the sun for long periods of time wearing a hat can help to keep the sun off your head and face, reducing the change of burning and helping to reduce UV rays reaching the eyes by up to 50%.

Enjoy the outdoors. Stay safe. For more questions or help with movement outdoors contact our fitness professionals today at

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