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Some Major Listening Blocks to Avoid While Training!

Active listening is a skill. It needs practice.

There are 12 blocks to listening but I believe a few of them are crucial when training with a trainer. These hints may help you push through your workouts. AVOID doing this and you will see more benefits.....Promise!

COMPARING - when your trainer shows you something and you say, “i can’t do as many as you can though....”. That’s negative self talk and not useful to you.

DISCOUNTING - When your trainer says well done!!! And you say, “Not really but I guess 3 is okay......”. Again negative talk. 3 is better than 1 and we all have to start at the beginning!

DERAILING - this is changing the topic when your trainer is explaining something to you that you believe you cannot do. “Let’s do legs my upper body is so weak!” Or, “Didn’t we do those last week?” Stick to the program .... there’s a reason why we are making you do things that we all would rather not!!! ;)

JUDGING - and that’s judging yourselves. “I’ll never lose that much weight” or, “I will always be a bigger build than her” ....or, “Ill always suck at those!” None of this is positive self talk or useful. It hinders your progress.

If you listen to yourself - you will see if you do any of these things and realize that positive talk back is so much more significant and helpful to you. I CAN DO THIS! I DID 4 TODAY WOW! I CAN LOOK GREAT IN MY SUIT AGAIN IN NO TIME!!!!

Stay happy!

Danielle Proulx

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