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Helpful “Holiday” Eating Tips

With COVID mandated gathering limits, this year’s holiday season will look different than previous years.

Here are a few Helpful “Holiday” Eating Tips to aide you in finding a healthy balance anytime.

Pick your favorites - those choices that you are really drawn to. Walk away from those choices that you really “don’t” need or don’t appeal to you as much.

Portion size – be aware of sizes. A portion size of cheese is about the size of your pinky finger…

Plate size - fill your plate with what you would usually consider a meal, avoid going back for seconds.

Be mindful of what you are eating – be conscious when you are eating to avoid over indulging.

Share – think about sharing an entrée. Portion sizes in restaurants are usually fairly large and splitting one can help keep extra calories down and overeating to a minimum.

Plan Ahead - have more veggies and less fat for lunch if you know you are going to have a meal out in the evening.

Other helpful hints:

Alcohol – to cut calories, mix with soda or fuzzy water.

Alternate your alcoholic drinks with H20

Calories in other beverages count too – look out for those fancy barista drinks that are loaded with hidden calories.

The holidays are all about experiences, which are more important than ever this year.

Follow these helpful hints, stick with your workouts and enjoy the festive season!

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