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Best RED PEPPER JELLY - lasts forever in fridge

Great with cheese on a cracker to spice up your sport of “cheesboarding”... it’s bright red in colour and great for holidays or just daily on toast if you like spicy jams! I always have a bottle in my fridge! Always!

9 large red peppers - diced

2 boxes of CERTO light plays one cup of sugar MIXED together in a bowl

2 cups sugar as well

1 ish tsps of salt

1 1/2 cups apple cider vinegar

3 ghost peppers (hot!!!). If you light less hot chose your peppers but they must be red!

Mix certo and sugar and set aside.

Keep the other 2 cups of sugar separate....

Purée with nutri-bullet or similar the peppers and cider - place in large cooking pot.

Mix ALL ingredients in EXCEPT the certo/sugar MIX!!!!

Bring to a rolling boil for 5 mins (watch it so it doesn’t boil over...!) then add the MIX! (The sugar and certo mix !!!) Bring back to a boil for 5 mins!

Take off heat allow to cool and pour into jars and seal well. Keeps forever!



Danielle Proulx

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