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Your STAYCATION, local destinations.

Here we are a year later and borders remain closed, limiting travel as well newly suggested stay at home recommendations continue to be issued due to the COVID-19 variant. So, what’s a fitness/outdoor enthusiast to do??? We thought it would be fun to ask our experts their favorite local hike and bike options. We’ve come up with some pretty great suggestions.

Karen’s pick - North/South Glenmore Park – the REZ – “make sure you go early and avoid the crowds.”

Lisa’s pick - Carborne Park –“lots of great pathway biking/walking either direction and Sue Higgins dog park is right there if you want to take your favorite 4 legged friend and let them off leash in the park or at the dog beach.”

Judi’s pick - Crescent Road – overlooking downtown -Check out Judi dancing on the cliff!

Ron’s pick - SW community of Christie. “I love how most communities in Calgary left natural green spaces for residents to enjoy. In Christie, the ravine runs right through the community and out to the country.”

Michelle C’s pick - Bowmont Park –“ an avid mountain biker, these trails are right outside my back door!”

Guy’s pick - Nosehill Park – another great bike/hike/off leash option. “Mikey loves it here!”

Weasle Head – access via North Glenmore Park, there are a number of fantastic hikes heading off the main pathway.

Princes Island Park – a little downtown infused with nature.

Fish Creek Provincial Park – Did you know that Fish Creek Provincial Park is Canada’s 2nd largest urban park? Lots of fantastic trails to check out!

The city of Calgary offers three options for pathways:

  • A regional pathway is part of the city-wide network and is typically paved with asphalt and located off-street.

  • A local pathway provides secondary routes within communities, linking residential areas to local attractions such as neighborhood parks, schools and other community destinations.

  • Trails are unpaved paths typically made of granular or compacted dirt.

In fact, our city has the most extensive pathway systems for hikers, walkers and bikers in North America. With over 1000km’s of paths available, I’m sure we can find something for you!

For hikers and mountain bikers looking to go a bit further, why not head out and explore some of the great hikes available just a stone throw away.

Brown Lowry Provincial Park includes 12km’s of hiking trails just south of Priddis, AB.

Tigerlily Loop – Glenbow Provincial Park – offers a number of hike distance options for all levels.

A little further:

Helen’s pick - Lake Ohara - Yoho National Park

Get outdoors and explore!

Pictured above – Lori Baker hiking with her children


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