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Workout Tips You Need For The Day

Just thinking about my workout today and how I corrected my partner here at home. It’s all about technique and patience to learn how to do things the right way. Like baking a cake - you don’t wing it - you follow a recipe. Working out is similar in that you need to follow a protocol.

So today I noticed this....

Triceps - dips - people love them but they’re often performed poorly. To do them well, try turning your hands outward not forward grasping the bench. You will feel the difference. And your elbows should never go higher than the shoulders... terrible for your rotators in the shoulder. And take them slowly - faster isn’t better.

Pushups. Finish them. I noticed my partner going for ‘how many’ not how well! Go all the way to full extension when you do your pushups and try not to cut corners with speed. Better to do 1 well than 10 poorly.

Abs - same thing. Slow down. Control your exercise. Ab crunches can be performed slowly with your exhale contraction of the muscles. Extending out of your crunch all the way to the floor (instead of stopping at the shoulder blade) is the proper form. Method and performance; not speed and numbers.

Chest flies. I’ve learned that the best fly is the right fly! Get off that bench and avoid allowing the arms to go too low towards the floor. I’ve seen enough shoulder injuries with poor chest flies to fill a book. Get on the floor! Lay on your back with your knees up and feet flat. Fly those weights and lower them slowly all the way to the floor. No damage done. No pain.

Have a great workout today!


Danielle Proulx

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