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Why train with a Personal Trainer – Getting RECONNECTED with Fitness!

The COVID closures brought many challenges and changes to our daily lives. Now that things are slowly reopening and resuming, it’s time to reconnect with fitness programs, goals and overall health and wellness!

One of the best ways to RECONNECT with your fitness goals is to work with a Personal Trainer. Whether you are struggling to get back on the Fitness Bandwagon or you want to set new goals for the rest of the year, there is no better way than working with an EXPERT.

Personal Trainers are:

· PROFESSIONALLY trained and certified to teach, coach and educate on the exercises chosen for you.

· Able to design your workouts specifically to help you reach your goals in the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE way possible.

Personal Trainers want to:

· Help you learn safe and effective form when exercising, helping you AVOID INJURY.

· Teach you the most effective exercises for your specific GOALS.

· Help you set realistic goals and keep you on track to achieve those goals.

· Help you form good habits and say good-bye to your bad habits.

Your Personal Trainer will keep you:




Understanding the potential benefits hiring a Personal Trainer will bring to your health and wellness goals will help you realize the value of your investment.

· Personal Trainers work with your SCHEDULE, and BUDGET. The choice is up to you when and how often you see your trainer.

· If budget is a concern, or you want a group experience, most Personal Trainers offer group training. Fun and economical!

Post COVID, not everyone is ready to get back into the gym. Personal Training also offers a number of options that provide a safe, one on one experience.

· “Virtual Training”? This allows Personal Trainer and client to meet no matter where they are.

· Your Personal Trainer can be MOBILE. Don’t like going to a gym or not there yet? They can come to you.

· One on one sessions can also be held in smaller, private spaces in facilities. Equipment can still be used, but in a personal space.

Don’t let barriers stand in your way to a healthier, fitter you! Most Personal Trainers offer a “FREE” introductory consultation enabling you to sit down, discuss your goals and learn what they can do to help you achieve them.

Thanks to Coach Guy Busnell for his help with this article.

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