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Why Hire an Expert

Fall is a great time to reconnect with fitness programs, goals, and overall health and wellness!

Whether you are struggling to get back on the Fitness Bandwagon, aren’t sure where to find the time, have lost motivation, want to set new goals for the rest of the year, or just aren’t sure where to start, there is no better way than working with an EXPERT.

Be sure your Personal Trainer is:

· PROFESSIONALLY trained and certified to teach, coach, and educate on the exercises chosen for you.

· Able to design your workouts specifically to help you reach your goals in the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE way possible.

Accountability – One of, if not the hardest parts of starting a new workout program is sticking to it. Having someone keep you accountable whether in person or virtually can be the key to your success in reaching your goals. Working out with our personal trainers can also mean that you push yourself harder than you would alone.

Knowledge – Our personal trainers can help you to learn proper form, good technique as well as different exercises to be as effective and safe with your workouts as possible. You don’t have to be a beginner to gain knowledge in the gym, the great thing about fitness is there’s always something new and exciting to learn!

Goal setting – Setting a goal that is perhaps too ambitious to start with can be detrimental to progress. Goals that are too ambitious are often a deterrent, especially if success is not felt fast enough. Our personal trainers can help you to set realistic long-term goals as well as smaller short-term goals that will keep you motivated!

Living a healthy lifestyle – Working with our trainers can help you transition into a healthier lifestyle! You will have someone behind you every step of the way to help guide and motivate you! Living a healthy lifestyle requires habits to be created, our trainers at The Academy are here to help.

Consistency and Personalization – Working with our personal trainers takes out the guesswork, allowing you to feel more comfortable as you try new exercises, and make sure you stay consistent as you work towards your goal. If you are a regular in the gym but struggling to increase weight on your lifts or lose that extra pound, a personal trainer may be your answer! It’s hard to see where we need to go when we’re up close, our trainers can work with you to adjust your program and help reach your goal. Consistency is key with any fitness goal regardless of whether that is to gain muscle, lose fat, or anything else! Workout plans are always designed with your fitness goals, level, mobility, likes, and dislikes in mind.

Your time is valued – Our fitness professionals understand you have a busy life, and your time is valuable! Therefore, all your workouts will be efficient to maximize your results. Our trainers can help identify what changes can be made to enhance your workout, not waste any time, and help schedule workouts into your schedule.

If you have questions on the benefits of training or want to get started, contact one of our Health & Fitness professionals today at

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