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What's in your Lunchbox?

With September bringing the start of a new academic year, many of us are busy trying to pack lunches on top of an already busy year. Below are some tips and suggestions to make nutritious lunches, for yourself or others!

Tips for packing lunch.

Make it easy – Packing a lunch doesn’t need to be complicated, choose items that are easy to pack and to consume! This could be leftovers, create a bento box with vegetables, crackers, and protein, or even something as simple as a yogurt parfait! Options are endless, for inspiration we’ve included two links to recipes.

Mix it up – Having a few staple meals can be great, but don’t forget to mix up your meals to keep things interesting!

Aim for balance – Include protein, carbs, fats, and fruits & vegetables in your lunches to keep a well-balanced diet! This can help ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.

Pack lunches ahead of time – Packing lunches the night before can help to alleviate stress and save time in the morning!

Suggestions for lunches.

Protein – Chicken salad, chicken breast, salmon, pinwheels with turkey and cheese, greek yogurt, hardboiled egg.

Carbs – Rice, crackers, quinoa, whole wheat wraps.

Fats – Hummus, hardboiled egg, nuts, avocado.

Fruits & Veggies – Raw vegetables pair great with hummus!

Healthier treats – Energy bites, dates, flax or bran muffins with chocolate chips and fruit.

If you have questions on ways to make your lunches nutritious and tasty, contact one of our Health & Fitness professionals today at

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