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Trick or Treat: Holiday Eating is Upon Us!

As the Holiday season begins with Halloween and the festive party season, the next few months can be the most difficult to navigate. One of the biggest concerns is how to enjoy yourself and not jeopardize your progress with your fitness and body composition. For tips to stay on track this year keep reading!

How can I avoid overeating?

Whether it is a Halloween party or the festive party season or a gathering with friends, we often panic thinking about how our fitness and body composition will be affected. We have a few simple tips to help you prepare!

- Go for a walk or get a workout in before the event, this will help burn extra calories and help to use the calories consumed to refuel and repair muscles instead of simply storing everything as fat.

- Drink lots of water, this will help to flush salt and toxins out reducing bloating.

- Eat mostly vegetables and protein during the day to keep you full while leaving most of your fats and carbs – such as potatoes, bread, butter, and gravy- for dinner. Try to eat carbs and fats in moderation at dinner, keep your carbs to 1/4 of the plate and your fats to about two tbsp (1tbsp is about the size of your thumb).

- When filling your plate, try to use moderation and avoid overindulging. If you are still hungry after eating, wait a few moments and drink a glass of water to allow your brain to catch up - you can always get seconds if you are truly hungry.

- Lastly, enjoy yourself! One event over the course of your week won’t de-rail your progress, so leave your guilt at home.

I feel sluggish after eating excess food, what can I do?

It’s completely normal to feel bloated and sluggish after eating a heavy meal – especially one heavy in carbs. Getting back into your routine is the fastest way to feel more energetic and get your digestion back on track. Here are some more easy tips!

- Get back into your workout routine as fast as possible – if the first day back to weights feels difficult, start with low impact exercise such as body weight squats, lunges, push ups, and light cardio.

- Cardio will help to flush out salt, toxins, and water weight, all three can contribute to bloating

- Commit to a good nutrition plan after allowing yourself to enjoy the event: increasing your fibre intake the first day or two will help rid accumulated fat in the digestive tracts.

Follow these tips to make it through your holiday season without affecting your progress.

For more help with nutrition or your fitness contact us today!

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