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Trend Report!

2022 Fitness Trend Report and You!

By Helen Vanderburg

The pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of our lives, from our careers to our social lives and our personal health and fitness. It is not surprising the 2022 top fitness trends have drastically changed over the past 2 years, as many of us have had to explore new ways to live with lockdowns, restriction, health, and the stress of it all!

For some adapting to the new ways to access fitness was easy and for others it has been somewhat unclear. Let’s look at the trends and how you can benefit from the evolving fitness industry.

According to the leading global fitness organizations there are 5 major trends that have emerged.

1. Online Fitness: whether it is video on demand or live streaming workouts the virtual world has exploded. As countries enacted lockdowns and gym closure due the spread of the virus, online fitness became the solution for many people to maintain their fitness programs. It has given you the opportunity to work out anywhere and at any time from your location. Now with fitness facilities opening, online training in group fitness or personal training has made fitness accessible even when you can’t get to the gym. At The ACADEMY you can attend classes via zoom, join the on-demand video platform or book your personal trainer to work with you virtually. Gone are the days of having to miss a workout due to travel or not being able to get into the gym!

2. Fitness Technology: measurable fitness whether it is a fitness tracker, smart watch, heart rate monitor and computerized workout tracking, the demand has risen as health concerns intensified amid the pandemic. We have become more health conscious and fitness technology has made monitoring fitness and health factors easier. The use of tracking devices can enhance your awareness of activity level, sleep, heart rates and more. Measuring your intensity in workouts at home or in the gym is valuable for immediate feedback as to your workout effort as well as accumulated overall fitness gains. For example, the use of the console in an indoor cycling class gives you immediate feedback as to your intensity levels, calories expended, distance and overall power output which equates to fitness gains.

3. Body Weight Training: as workouts shifted to home during the pandemic, lack of space and equipment forced people to look for training options that didn’t require large equipment. Body weight training, although popular among fitness professionals, gained popularity with fitness enthusiasts. Trainers have been advocates for body weight training methods for years as a viable way to train the body in a functional manner. Innovative body weight training programs use calisthenics as the foundational exercises. Push-ups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, sit ups and more are highly effective exercises without the use of any equipment or with portable equipment like resistance bands, fitness balls, and hand weights. At the ACADEMY the Body Sculpt, Pilates Core Fusion, Pilates Yoga Fusion, and Barre Sculpt are great bodyweight training options.

4. Personal Training: with a great focus on health and fitness, personal training continues to grow in popularity. The pandemic has seen an increase in aches, pains, and injuries from long hours at the computer, lack of exercise or inappropriate activities. The expertise of working with a personal trainer for exercise execution and organized fitness plans is invaluable. Personal trainers will tailor the fitness program to meet the specific needs of the individual, in addition to serving as an accountability partner to help you stay motivated. At The ACADEMY we have a variety of options for personal training including one on one, semi-private, small group and virtual training.

5. Mindfulness: fitness is as much an exercise for the body as it is for the mind. Forced to work from home, dealing with longer working hours, more responsibilities to your loved ones, while having to contend with reduced options for physical exercise and social activities has led to an increased need for methods to reduce stress and find balance. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness programs have seen a surge in popularity as a way to decompress, manage stress, maintain mobility and an overall sense of well-being. At The ACADEMY we offer live streaming complementary mediation classes to the community via Instagram to support your health and wellness. As well, there are weekly yoga and Pilates classes offered in-person, live streaming, and on-demand.

While the pandemic has forced many of us to change our fitness habits, it has also enabled novel types of fitness to gain popularity. New alternatives to accessing fitness and the expertise of fitness professionals has broadened the opportunities for you to best plan your health and fitness training. Please contact us so we can guide and support your fitness goals.

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