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The Power of Group Training!

Working out consistently or alone can be hard – we get bored, lose motivation, or simply get lost trying to create a well-balanced program. Group fitness can help!

What is Group Fitness?

Group Fitness is considered any fitness activity or class with 3 or more people. This can include but is not limited to going for a run, a strength workout, playing a sport, or a group exercise class to name a few!

What are the benefits of Group Fitness?

Motivation and Accountability: Finding the motivation to get up early, workout after a long day at work or simply just going outside in the winter can be a feat, Group Fitness can provide you with extra motivation and accountability. Working out alone means you can generally go any time and you’re the only one affected if you don’t show up. Participating in Group Fitness makes it harder to skip your workout as you will have multiple people counting on you, classes are planned at set times and often have a requirement to sign up in advance making you more likely to go when there is a schedule in place.

Community: Participating in Group Fitness can help build a sense of community as you will be surrounded by like minded people! This is huge, especially if you are wanting to make new friends. A huge reason why people don’t start at a gym is because they don’t want to go alone, group classes can break down this barrier.

Reduced stress: As with all forms of exercise, your stress levels can be reduced! When you workout you release feel good hormones – serotonin and dopamine – helping you to feel happier and less stressed.

Improved Self-Esteem: Getting to the end of a class can give you a confidence boost knowing that you were able to complete the exercises and the class. As you continue with classes or the group exercise of choice you can improve your fitness level, become better at the exercises, and increase your confidence.

Learning exercises: Attending Group Fitness classes can take a lot of the planning out of your workout – you can just show up and know you’ll feel great after! Starting at a gym can be intimidating especially if you don’t know what exercises to do or how to do them, taking a class can help you get accustomed to new exercises. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner in the gym there are classes for everyone.

To get started with Group Fitness contact us today!

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