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Take the Stress Out of Meal Prep!

Eating well balanced, healthy meals is a large part of managing our weight and internal health. Life is busy for all of us, which can make cooking meals stressful at times. Prepping snacks and meals can take a huge weight off our shoulders and make our days easier! Keep reading for benefits and tips for meal prepping.


Time saver – Prepping your food ahead of time can be a huge time saver. On average prepping snacks and meals for the week takes 2-3 hours, while cooking each portion daily takes between 4-7 hours.

Decreased stress – By planning and preparing your meals ahead of time you can decrease your stress, no more last-minute meals or forgetting to take the chicken out of the freezer!

Well balanced meals – Eating a well balanced and nutritious meal can be easier when you have time to think about what you will be making and planning it out. This can ensure you have plenty of protein, vegetables, and fruit every day.

Saves money – Planning and prepping meals ahead of time can help to save money by reducing food waste. With this tactic you can use what you already have in your house and only buy what you need.

Controls impulse eating – Having healthy food and snacks prepped can help decrease impulse eating, that “I’m starving” feeling that leads to overeating and often guilt.


Make an inventory and grocery list – Go through your food stock at home to see what you currently have to make meals with, you can then make a grocery list for any extra ingredients you may need. This is the tactic that helps to reduce food waste! Having a list and sticking to it also helps reduce impulse buys saving money.

Change it up – Keep meals interesting by varying your options, this can be daily, every few days, or even weekly! Choose what works best for you.

Make it easy – Make your prep easy! Dishes such as stir fry’s and rice bowls are quick and easily customizable.

Ways to Prep

There is no one way to meal prep! We suggest trying different approaches to find what works best with your lifestyle. Below are a few ways that you can try prepping your snacks and meals!

Prepping ingredients – Prep and cook individual ingredients such as proteins (meat, tofu, eggs, etc.), grains, and vegetables, to put meals together later. This is a great option for fresh vegetables, cut them up so they’re ready to go anytime you want a fresh snack.

Prepping whole meals – Prep full meals and store them to grab and go throughout the week!

Freezing meals or ingredients – If you want to prep for 5-7 days at a time, freeze half of your ingredients and meals to keep them fresh!

If you have questions or want more tips on meal prepping, contact one of our Health & Fitness professionals today at

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