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Stay Motivated Post January

Stay Motivated Post January

January is seen as the month of resolutions, gyms get busier, people buy healthier food, but what happens when January ends? Up to 90% of people will stop their healthy habits 3 months into the year due to lack of motivation, boredom, and even laziness. Below are tips to keep you motivated to create a healthy lifestyle not just a fast-fading resolution!

Create a routine – Working out and eating healthy is more than a one-month fad to reach a resolution, it’s the key to living a long and healthy life! Getting into a good routine you can stick to will help to keep you accountable in creating your new lifestyle. Ease into your routine, don’t change everything all at once!

Schedule exercise – Treat your exercise routine like appointments, write them down in your calendar and make yourself a promise not to miss it. This is especially important when first starting out to help build your new routine.

Enjoy the movements – Incorporate movement into your day that you enjoy! Whether its yoga, Pilates, HIIT, walking, strength training or cardio. Exercise works best when you are consistent, group classes are a great way to enjoy exercise. They automatically create a schedule, accountability and camaraderie.

Find your motivation – Creating new habits takes motivation, so find what that is for you! Motivation is different for everyone, it can be things such as trying to improve upon what you did last week, looking at progress photos to see the change you’ve already made, setting up a healthy competition between friends, or even a reward system for reaching specific goals! And remember, just staying consistent is an accomplishment.

Make it fun – Exercise should be fun! Try different classes and exercises to find what you like the most and mix it up. Invite friends and family to workout with you, this can give you a new workout partner that not only keeps things fun but also can help with motivating you.

Get a personalized program – Personal trainers are an amazing asset to stay motivated and make great progress! With a trainer you will get a program personalized to your specific needs and goals, and you’ll get someone to hold you accountable! Personal training is a long-term investment for your quality of life and can give you both the skills and knowledge to make lasting change.

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