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Stay Hydrated During the Holidays!

Hydration during the holidays is often overlooked completely between parties, indulging in treats and alcohol, and the irregular diet that often occurs. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily during the holidays, this will help to keep you in a routine, keep your digestive system flowing as smoothly as possible, and help to keep your energy levels up!

Hydration is an essential part of staying healthy, often overlooked, and undervalued. Hydration provides several benefits, keep reading to find out more!

What are the benefits of hydration?

Improved brain function – A few glasses of water can help improve cognitive function, memory, stabilize emotions and help fight depression and anxiety.

Improved heart health – Blood is made up largely of water (H20), when you are dehydrated your blood can become concentrated and throw off levels of vital minerals which are key to a healthy heart. Staying hydrated also allows the heart to work more efficiently as your blood is not as thick.

Improved digestion – Staying hydrated helps the body to digest food efficiently, avoid bloating, irregular bowel movements, gas and even heartburn. Taking fibre supplements can help with digestion as well, however, be mindful you will need extra water!

Weight management – Drinking water can help keep you stay satiated between meals, helping to avoid overeating. Studies show those who drink water before and between meals intake fewer calories, decrease their intake of cholesterol, fat, and sugar and see reduced body fat and an improved body composition over time.

Increased energy – Drinking enough water can help increase energy by providing cells and organs with hydration needed to function efficiently and helps to pump more blood and oxygen through your body. This can also lead to more energetic workouts and less cramping afterwards!

Increased kidney function and toxin removal – Hydration helps to support your kidneys which play a large role in ridding the body of waste and toxins. Waste is also removed through bowel movements, sweat, and exhaling, staying hydrated supports overall health.

Remember as a general target try to drink 8 glasses of water, you may need more depending on activity level, environment, and even body composition. Stay hydrated and healthy this holiday season!

Happy and Healthy Holidays from All of Us at The ACADEMY

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