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Sports for Your Mind and Body

Participating in sports no matter your age can offer physical, mental, and cognitive benefits, and is a great addition to a strength program! There are differing benefits to both team and individual sports, you may prefer one over the other depending on your level of competitiveness. To learn more, keep reading.

Benefits of Sports.

Boost in confidence – Training frequently and achieving small goals throughout the year can be a great booster for personal confidence! This is especially noticeable in tournaments and finals when you get to test your skills you’ve built all season.

Boost in mood – Exercise and sports help trigger an increase in chemicals known as endorphins that help to boost your mood, decreases your stress hormones over time, and can make you feel more energized!

Improved communication – Communication skills are key in team sports, both spoken and unspoken. This constant use of communication helps to improve your skills over time, which can help both in your sport and in everyday life.

Improved motor and cognitive skills – Sports and physical activity have been shown to improve motor and cognitive skills, balance and coordination, and even focus! This is due to extra blood flow to the body including the brain, new movement patterns in different directions, the use of hand eye coordination, and the use of spatial awareness. Practice makes perfect, the more you use these skills, the more improvement you’ll see.

Better sleep – Having a regular exercise program, including training for, and playing sports, is a great way to help burn excess energy and regulate hormones for a better sleep! Try not to exercise closer than an hour to bed, this may have the opposite effect and wake you up.

Sense of community – Participating in sports whether individual or on a team, can help to build a community of likeminded people. This can help to boost confidence, ease stress, improve emotional health, and help to create lasting connections.

Should I try individual or team sports?

When deciding between team and individual sports, consider these skills and benefits you’ll need and gain from each, also consider the types of activities you enjoy most.

Individual sports such as gymnastics, swimming, and skiing.

· Resilience

· Discipline

· Strong sense of achievement

· Strong sense of competitiveness

· Independence and self-awareness

Team sports such as pickleball, soccer and hockey.

· Teamwork and cooperation

· Resilience

· People skills

· Sense of community and belonging

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