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Remind Yourself of the Benefits of Exercise!

Starting and maintaining a regular fitness program can sometimes be challenging. Your fitness routine should be scheduled into your life in the same way you schedule your person hygiene. You brush your teeth daily to maintain good dental health. Right? Activity should be scheduled in the same way!

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves as to the many benefits of staying physically active to stay motivated. Living longer, being healthier, having more energy and often having a happier life!

Here are just a few of the physical and mental benefits exercise can have.

Physical benefits of exercise

· Can reduce the risk of having a heart attack

· Can reduce cholesterol levels

· Can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers

· Can lower blood pressure

· Can strengthen bones, muscles, and connective tissues

· Can help with weight management

· Can increase your energy levels

· Can reduce the risk and symptoms of arthritis

· Can reduce the risk of falling

· Can improve recovery time of injuries

Mental benefits of exercise

· Can help to decrease stress

· Can help decrease depression by releasing dopamine and serotonin

· Can help reduce anxiety

· Can help improve your sleep

· Can help build new connections leading to a better social life

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