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Refresh Your Workout

As we step into March, it might be time to refresh your fitness routine, not only does your body need a new challenge every 6-8 weeks, so does your brain. Here are a few for you to refresh your workouts and get excited about movement again!

Change your playlist – Music can be a great way to distract you from a difficult exercise or a long run, listening to the same playlist can be predictable and become easy to tune out. Try switching up your music and you may notice your workouts become easier to push through!

Change machines – Do you find yourself consistently going to the same cardio machines at the gym? Switch up your routine by trying a different cardio machine every day, try alternating between low and high intensity throughout the week to see what works best for you! You might find a new way of exercising.

Bring a friend to the gym – Working out with a friend can be a great way to refresh your workout routine! You may find they can show you new exercises, or you may even gain some confidence by showing them exercises! Having a friend workout with you is also a great way to keep yourselves accountable.

Try a new group fitness class – Doing the same workouts weekly can cause us to become bored with our routines, try switching it up with a class you’ve never tried! There are so many classes to choose from, each offering different benefits! For instance, Pilates is an amazing way to connect to your body and master mind-body control.

Try a personal training session – Whether you’re an avid gym goer or just starting out, having a personal training session can be beneficial for everyone! The sessions can help guide you on what you may need to work on, what works for you, and proper form for your body. Personal training can also help to give you confidence when trying new routines and help prevent injury when trying new movements.

Do more activity outside – As spring gets closer and the weather gets warmer, try exercising outdoors more regularly! Winter tends to keep many of us inside, take this opportunity to soak in the sunlight and fresh air. Exercising outside can be something as simple as going for a walk.

Register for a race – Giving yourself a new goal to reach can be a great way to refresh your routine and find new motivation! Your workout routine will most likely need to be adjusted for more endurance, speed, and agility. Try registering for a 5k run or walk, or even an obstacle course.

For more questions or for help creating a new training routine contact or professionals today at Visit our class schedule online and try a class in-person or zoom in from anywhere!

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