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Reach your Peak - Improve your Climb

Reach your PEAK this summer with these great strengthening exercises

for Climbing.

Climbing season is upon us and it’s not too late to add these exercises to help climb your favorite peak this summer. Strength training is essential for climbing. Try these exercises or consult with one of our expert trainers to learn how to get stronger this climbing season.

Heel Raises - helps with footwork and extra reach

Plank - core strength and stability is essential for hanging off the cliff!

Dead Hang - important for upper body strength

Single leg toe touches - lower body strength and core

Single leg balance - balance training

Wrist Winds - forearm strength

Pull ups - upper body strength

Textbook Grip - grip strength

Try these exercises next time you are at the gym or talk to a trainer to set you up on a program.

Barbora Cadova and Ron Luciuk – The ACADEMY and Heavens Fitness Personal Trainers

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