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No excuses ....months to pass... train for summer!

Hello All!

I was thinking about a few of my friends who wonder where I find the time to do all the working out that I do. I usually tell them the same thing - I MAKE time. I always have.

For those that have never had the time, YOU DO NOW! Make a daily schedule for yourself and find something that works for you.

I realize that we don’t all have gym equipment at home, however there are so many tools out there right now to help you:

- The ACADEMY offers a variety LIVE workouts everyone morning at 9a. Follow the academy_yyc on Instagram. Equipment or no equipment, you will be able to find something that works for you.

- The ACADEMY also has daily workouts posted on Facebook and Instagram "Class in Session"

- You can also search the ACADEMY Youtube channel for archived workouts to do at your leisure.

Outside of our ACADEMY offerings, there is so much out there. You should be able find something that works for you.

Body weight exercises are easy and free and probably some of the best things you can do to train. (Military do these a lot!) You can also use what you have at home; soup cans, laundry soap, you kids...

We all have said it.... “I wish I had time to get into better shape.” WELL YOU DO. And it’s NOW!

Get outside.... walk, run, skip or jog... power walk with your dog! Inside, you can do jumping jacks, skip Rope, fast feet your stairs, run your stairs, walk laps around your kitchen island....

Another key is to watch what you eat. Avoid mindless snacking and when you do snack, snack on wholesome, nutritious snacks. Leave the junk food for special treats.

We also have the time now to prepare nutritious meals for ourselves and our families. View this as a gift where you can make it a habit to eat well.

We may come out of this long haired, roots showing and craving restaurants, but we SHOULD come out of this fitter, leaner, stronger and healthier - BECAUSE WE HAVE THE TIME!

I know I am getting stronger and I know you can too! Give it a try!

Danielle Proulx

Personal Trainer

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