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Mobility for Optimal Performance

When thinking of fitness routines, the first things that come to mind are often cardio and strength training, mobility and stretching are rarely grouped into fitness. Mobility training is a crucial part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Without good mobility all movement becomes more challenging and the potential to gain strength and power decreases.

What is Mobility Training?

Mobility is the awareness of our body’s positions and movements, mobility training includes various exercises to increase range of motion, improve control of muscles surrounding your joints, and help you to move more effectively. Usually, these exercises include both dynamic and static flexibility training.

What are the benefits of Mobility Training?

Greater range of motion – Mobility training can improve joint coordination, agility, and movement, all of which lead to a greater range of motion.

Improved circulation – Mobility training can help to release knots in muscles allowing blood to flow easier, improving circulation.

Decreased risk of injury – Mobility training can help to reduce the risk of injury by promoting muscle and joint stability and flexibility. Incorporating mobility exercises into your warmup is ideal to help prevent injuries. To be as effective as possible, ensure to stretch before any mobility work.

Reduces joint deterioration – Mobility training helps improve the control and stability of muscles surrounding your joints, this can help release unnecessary pressure off the joint and slow down joint deterioration.

Reduced muscle tension – As you increase your mobility and flexibility your muscles can start to relax, and release built up pressure. This can also help with reducing your risk of injury.

Improved posture – Mobility training can help with posture as you learn to control your muscle movements and understand how your body is positioned. This is especially important for those who sit at a desk all day!

What can I do to start improving my mobility?

As with any form of training, start off slow and stay consistent. A great place to start is with a Yoga or Pilates class, you will have a professional helping you with form which can decrease your risk of injury and increase the benefits. Pay attention to which movements are the hardest for you so you can focus on improving them.

For help getting started with mobility join us one of our yoga, stretch or Pilates classes or contact us today at

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