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March is Nutrition Month – Where to start…?

KISS (Keeping It Super Simple) when it pertains to food sources is the easiest way to start off your nutrition goals.

Look at eating whole foods as opposed to processed or packaged foods.

Choosing a piece of “grilled chicken” is better than chicken that is breaded or stuffed. It’s the 80/20 rule. Eat well for 80% of the time and choose the foods that aren’t as nutritionally solid 20% (your breaded or stuffed chicken breast). This theory focuses on making healthier choices most of the time so that you don’t have feel deprived by “eliminating the foods you love”.

Another example might be your afternoon snack – It’s 3pm and you are starving, looking for something quick! Pack a bag full of fresh veggies or fresh fruit. Even better, add a protein like hummus or almond butter for dipping. If you have something nourishing to snack on, the hunger will subside, the protein will help fill you up. This choice will ensure that you reach for the “cookie” when you really want it rather than when it’s easy and you are so hungry you don’t even taste it.

Keep It Super Simple by making one “healthy change” a week and then ROCK IT! Celebrate your successes and you’ll be ready to add next week’s goal.

Laura Baert, ACADEMY expert.

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