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Staying home? Here's how you can make the most out of it.

Hi Workout Friends!

A few tips for making REMOTE living work for you.... with or without kids or pets!

13 Health Tips For When Working From Home

1. Stay calm. Meditate.

2. Focus on SOLUTIONS to what happens daily - not the PROBLEM. There will always be problems....

3. Carry on with your regular routine AS MUCH as possible! Workout in the morning even if you cannot get to the gym - do some dips or crunches or take a long walk or run in the morning - the weathers improving ! Use the treadmill you have for something other than a dryer rack. ;)

4. Eat what you normally do if possible and try not to raid the fridge because you’re ‘home’. Don’t get into bad habits with junk food or alcohol because you’re at home either - the bar should open at the same time at home for the next few weeks! And when you reach for chips at 10 am ask yourself - “would I do this at the office?”

5. Stick to schedules as much as you can. Walk your pets more often; they can get the upside of your being around more! Give your dog a bath some night with your kids!

6. Take time to call a friend or family member in the evenings that you have been putting off.... you have the time now!

7. Open windows and air the house when you can - fresh air is key so get outside too as much as possible!

8. OR.... watch the shows you had no time too! Netflix it! Cuddle with kids more.

9. Take advantage of change instead of dreading it... go for a stroll with a friend at lunch and chat - but not about COVID or being “holed up”. Use as many positive words as you can a day - instead of ‘isolate’ ‘stuck’ and ‘fear’ - use I’m so lucky because..... or I really enjoyed such and such today.... or this was a good day because.....

10. Treat people well. Their issues are probably worse than yours. Remember we are all human and in this as a nation and a people.... Respect each other’s space!

11. Have some fun with games or cards or things you would have done before TV INTERNET IPHONES and such came along... can you imagine?

12. Start a project you’ve been putting off. We all have one. Paint a wall. Read THAT book!


Yours in Health,

Danielle Proulx

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