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Making Lasting Change

As January approaches many of us are thinking about our New Years Resolutions, often wondering what is attainable and what is not. This year think about what you can add to your life to make you feel stronger, healthier, and fitter.

Here are some tips to making lasting change this year!

Track your progress

One of the most beneficial things you can do when trying to make changes is to track your progress! This can be doing things such as using a journal or app to track water intake, nutrition, progress photos, inches lost or gained, and even tracking your workout progressions. There is no one size fits all when tracking your progress, if you can commit to your tracking choice consistently and accurately, you’re already succeeding!

Surround yourself with support

Making lasting change is much easier when you have people around cheering you on! Talk about your resolutions with family and friends, find a friend or group who are working towards similar goals and make sure you have someone to talk to when motivation is low.

Be consistent

Change takes time and consistency, does the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” ring a bell? It usually takes 4 weeks for those around you to notice a change in your body, and up to 12 weeks for you to notice a change in your body! Staying consistent with nutrition and workouts is key, this doesn’t mean you can’t have any wiggle room to enjoy your favourite meals or drinks. Being consistent at least 70 % of the time over at least 6 months will get you better results than being 100% consistent for a shorter time. This can look like moving your body 3-4 days a week, staying on top of your nutrition at least 2 out of your 3 meals, getting 7-9 hours of sleep at least 5 days a week and drinking 2L of water or more at least 5 days a week.

Be realistic

Your resolutions should be attainable, losing 10lbs in 1 month is not realistic however losing 10lbs in 2 months is! Creating short term and long-term goals is a great way to help stay motivated and be realistic about what you can and cannot achieve in a specific time frame.

Set your goals

Short term goals: These goals should be attainable in under 3 months, and often help you to reach your long-term goals. Examples of short-term goals: Gain 5lbs of muscle in 3 months, move for a minimum of 15 minutes daily, increase your water intake to 2-3L daily etc. Whatever you goal, ensure you can track it consistently and accurately.

Long term goals: These goals should be attainable in 6 months to 1 year, these are your larger goals and resolutions that will require long term consistency and often result in lifelong change. Examples of long-term goals: Gain 10lbs of muscle in 1 year, lose 15lbs in 6 months, work up to consistently working out 4-5 days a week over 6 months, run a 5k in 1 year etc. Again, whatever your goal may be, ensure you can track it consistently and accurately.

We are here to support you and help you create lasting change. We have created a specialized small group training program to help you reach your goals in 2023. Join the Tri-Pro Challenge. This six-week program, with three knowledgeable personal trainers will help you set your goals, provide weekly program exercises, and group workouts as well as keep you accountable and motivated to achieve your goals.

To learn more about the program, ask questions and find out if this program is right for you. Sign up for the complimentary information session on Monday, January 16 from 6-7pm.

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