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Keep It Simple

Keeping It Simple

In honor of National Simplicity Day, we’ve put together a simple workout that can be done anywhere. This workout is based on body weight, however, to add intensity and variety feel free to add some weights. If you don’t have weight equipment, pick up a jug of milk or laundry soap and see how it changes your experience.

10 exercises – set your timer and complete the exercises listed (10 reps of each exercise), in order, as many time as possible in 20 minutes.

1. 10 burpees – can be full burpees or done on a bench or couch

2. 10 power jumps, use a curb or the landing of the stairs – step down with right leg

3. 10 single leg squats right – with frontal raise – lift and lower arms to shoulder height in front of you.

4. 10 split lunges

5. 10 push ups – lower knees to ground for an easier modification.

6. 10 power jumps forward – step down with left leg

7. 10 single leg squats left – bicep curl –change arm pattern to bending elbows and then lengthening.

8. 10 jumping jacks

9. 10 tricep push-ups – find a curb or off a couch

10. 10 speed skater jumps from side to side

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