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Hit the trails to perk things up!

Exhausted? Ya... me too. Mostly tired of the news and the word ‘unprecedented’.

Tired of thinking of what more creative ways to stay busy? Tired of wondering when this will all be a bad dream and go away...? Ya, me too. I’ve exhausted areas to walk in - but now, thank goodness the parks are reopening - And THAT’S great news!

New places to explore, move, excercise and walk the dog! Yes, you have to drive there and park your car.... but it gets you out of the house and away from those walls closing in on you.... fresh air and nature, in my opinion always clears the soul and helps me sleep, feel better and refresh!

Walks don’t need to become hikes - they are simple and close by. Take Brown-Lowery Provincial Park for instance. Not really a hike but a nature walk for sure; bring along a water bottle and a sweater and traverse this park with a friend or your dog! You can try different loops and trails and they are all simple - some slightly uphill but not for long! They are mostly shaded by trees but this park is certainly better than Glenmore Park or Nosehill for un-interesting and over crowded! Get away when you can on weekdays - it’s a nice place to walk!

Bragg Creek is well known and can be busy but West Bragg Creek trails have plenty of parking and can be a nice place to get way for a few hours; the trails are well marked for cyclists and walkers. If you choose to go up the highway towards Misty Summit you’ll pass Fullerton Loop on your right and Nihahi Creek and Elbow Falls.... Prairie Mountain is a good hard climb with a great view! And of course Powderface Ridge is a straight up climb and quad burner on the way down - I’ve run it, I know! Not good if you want to walk the next day! ;) Gorgeous view at the top! Add a rock to the Inukshuk.

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is a lovely place for a walk on concrete if you’re not much of a hiker. (Better for the elderly, and those who aren’t sure footed and the ‘clean shoe’ crowd.). It’s got long pathways and they’re wide enough to walk side by side at a distance. They also have a few great dog parks - check them out online!

The road to Kananaskis opens May 14th and the Marriott is even taking reservations! Seems a lot very soon but I don’t make the rules.... so lets get out there and HIKE! Barrier Lake is a little dull at first but the view at the top is breathtaking ! Picklejar lakes is my favourite hike - and scenic too! King Creek Ridge is not for the feint of heart - but beautiful! Lillian Lake ... Upper Kananaskis Lake.... to name a few.

Also ...There’s great cycling along that entire highway if you’re good at navigating holes and mountain goats. The Longview - Highwood pass road is closed to vehicles so it’s a great place to practice your hill climbing until it opens in mid June.

Basically the fatigue is setting in because we are the THREE W’s! Weary, wary of what next and worried.... all the time. The only thing that clears my head and brings me back to feeling good is NATURE. Go see what’s out there.

It beats Netflix.


- Maintain a healthy distance from your friend - walk single file and talk a little louder it’s not the end of the world!

- Carry extra snacks and water as we want to limit stops on the way out of town.

- Bring gloves and hand sanitizer in case you need it.

- Wear a hat - the sun still works well!

- Bring binoculars for the kids - they love seeing things up close!

- And always over dress - the mountains and foothills weather changes quickly. Rather be too hot - you can peel layers.

- Backpacks always. HAVE FUN. Otherwise, why do it!?

Coach Danielle

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