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Here's what you can do on Earth Day

Every little bit helps – leading up to April 22, 2021, the ACADEMY team shares their ideas and tips on doing their part to help Mother Nature and leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Dianna West –

To help care for the earth our household does the usual things like reusable bags for groceries and recycling and composting which our city has made very convenient. To slightly elevate my earth friendly game, I love to ride my bike to the grocery store. I have a large backpack I use and if there are frozen items it just increases the intensity of the workout I get on the way home (uphill!).

Ron Luciuk –

I celebrate Nature and the Earth every time I backpack. The beauty and peace fulfill the aspects of my life that are most important to me. I spend my free time in the mountains encompassing all nature has to offer. I make sure I bring out everything I take in with me, garbage etc. to ensure I leave it the way I found it.

Colleen Purich –

My family tries to recognize Earth Day, all winter long by lowering the thermostat at night. Not only does it save energy, we sleep better in a cooler environment!

Elaine Arthur –

My earth day commitment is when I go to the dog park on April 22, I will pick up all of the discarded facemasks and put them in the garbage.

Lisa Kingston –

Our family commitment on Earth Day and during Earth Hour is to get together, turn out the lights, light candles and play board games. It gives us time to reconnect with each other, no technology, have some fun and do a little good for Mother Nature.

Karen Vouri –

Earth day is a reminder to turn off the lights, turn down the temperature, walk more than drive. It reminds us that simple is better, ie: walking rather than driving and eating whole foods rather than processes.

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