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Happy Healthy Holidays!

Tips for Staying Active During the Holiday Season

The Holidays are a busy time and exercise can fall off our list of priorities, here are some tips to help you stay active and feel great during the Holiday season!

Prioritize your health – Enjoy celebrating the Holiday season with your family and friends, but don’t throw out all the healthy habits you’ve been learning. Get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, eat vegetables and fruit, move daily, and try to minimize stress.

Plan your workouts – If you are travelling, planning your routine in advance makes sticking with your workouts easier. You can join all ACADEMY scheduled classes remotely. Simply sign up for live-streaming and we will send you the class link. Or phone the local gyms to see if they offer day passes, search for local walking paths or if you are staying with family see if they have any workout equipment. If you are staying in a hotel, look to see if they have a workout facility.

Make it convenient – Your workouts don’t have to be long or intricate, especially during the Holiday season. We have 200 short workouts on our Instagram page. Check them out! Doing a quick 10-minute workout may be all you need! Walking as much as possible is another easy and convenient way to get movement into your day, this is also a great way to include family into your workout!

Take advantage of downtime – Your schedule may be quite busy if you have family staying with you, take advantage of the downtime between events and activities to get movement in! This can be going for a workout, taking the dog for a walk, sledding, ice skating, or even playing tag with the kids.

Check in with your body – Staying active is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to staying healthy, make sure to check in with yourself and how you feel! The Holidays are busy, make sure you get enough rest. What we eat also plays a huge role in how we feel, enjoy the dinners and treats, while eating in moderation. Choose the items that aren’t available to you all year round, remember you can go back for seconds, and eat slowly to avoid overeating. You can also avoid overeating by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, especially useful if you’re going out for a larger meal in the evening.

For help planning your workouts or nutrition contact us today at

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