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Flashback. Where Did it all Begin!

Have you ever wondered where the whole thing started! The fitness craze really began to boom in the early ‘80s. “Aerobic” became a household word and people started collecting aerobic points for cardiovascular activities. Running and calisthenics were the things to do. Aerobic classes to music started to explode in popularity with Jazzersize and Jane Fonda leading the way. It was all about the heart and lungs! In the ‘90s strength training gained popularity. What was once only the domain for athletes and bodybuilders, the weight room became a commonplace of fitness enthusiasts. Research supporting strength training for everyone, at any age, was taking the lead in the media. People started lifting heavy things! Once the new millennium hit there was a shift toward mindfulness. People began to take their exercise to the mat. Practicing instead of training was the new language. Yoga and Pilates became mainstream. Yoga wear and yoga mats were being seen everywhere. Linking breath and asanas was the movement! Once 2010 came around everyone started to HIIT! High intensity interval training, bootcamp workouts and intervals of any short were the thing to do! Hitting it hard for short bouts of exercise met the needs of getting the work done in a quick amount of time. The combination of cardio and resistance training showed great results. In the 2020 and beyond things started to take a turn from everything being hard to finding balance, wellness and movement took on a new meaning. Health became the focus of attention. Working out simply to look better is being replaced with how it makes you feel. Balancing cardio, strength training, mobility and mindfulness is where we are today. Training based on science instead of fads and training smarter rather than harder. Train Right for Life! Helen Vanderburg Co-owner of the Academy powered by Heavens Fitness Established in 1982 Celebrating 40 years of Inspiring Fitness!

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