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Fitting Fitness in During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time. Fitting everything in can be challenging. Mental and physical wellbeing continue to be top priority moving towards 2022, we need it! Here are a few helpful tips to help you Fit in Fitness this holiday season.

- Just like a meeting, schedule your workouts into your calendars. You will be less likely to miss them if they are written down.

- Even if you aren’t typically a morning person, try to get your workouts in early in the day during the holidays. There is less chance of things cropping up and bumping your workout.

- Pack your workout clothes the night before. You will be ready to grab as you run out the door, meaning one less excuse to miss a day.

- Break up your workouts. If fitting in your regular workout isn’t in the “Christmas cards” this holiday season, break them up into smaller chunks throughout the day.

- Take the stairs or walk when you can. If you have to do a quick run to the store, walk instead of drive (you probably won’t get a parking spot anyways.) If you have to go up a floor to “Accounting”, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Every STEP counts!

- Change it up – get outside! A walk in the snow is great for mental well-being and can also offer lots of physical challenge.

- Plan some outdoor activities with the kids, or with the big kids. Snowshoeing, skiing, sledding, skating are fun ways to be active and not realize it’s a workout. How about a “snowman making relay contest?”

You will feel better, have less guilt and reduce stress levels when you workout. So, plan them in and make your workouts a priority this holiday season.

Check out the ACADEMY 12 days of Fitmas – December 10-21th. 12 days of fun fitness challenge to help you FIT FITNESS IN THIS HOLIDAY SEASON.

- Each completed “day/workout”, we will add a “STAR” to our Fitmas tree with your name on it.

- Bring a non-perishable food item or a pair of gently used running shoes to the ACADEMY and get bonus “STARS”.

- Make a charitable donation online to either the Food Bank or the Mustard Seed! Show us your receipt and we’ll give you more bonus “STARS”!

- All of the “STARS” will be entered into a draw for great prizes at the end of the challenge.

You can participate:

- At the ACADEMY

- Instagram: theacademy_yyc

Sign up at – special events!

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