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Enjoy Stampede and Stay on Track!

Staying on Track During Stampede

With Stampede starting on July 7th, many of us can expect to have busy schedules with events, breakfasts, days at the Stampede grounds, and nights out. This can often lead to health & fitness goals taking a backseat for 10 days, this year try prioritizing your health & fitness! Below are a few tips to help you stay on track while enjoying your time at Stampede events.

Plan ahead – If you know you will be going out to events with food or alcohol, plan ahead and eat lighter meals consisting of mostly vegetables and protein. This can help to prevent overindulging in calorie and fat dense foods, making it easier to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Moderation is key – Stampede week is often full of stampede breakfasts and new foods on the midway, it can be tempting to try everything! To stay on track with your goals and have fun, use moderation when eating and drinking. Try and limit calorie dense foods to once per day, another great way to limit your intake is to share your portions with others!

Stay hydrated – The grounds are generally very hot, salt intake is high, and alcohol only increases the chances of dehydration. To stay feeling your best, drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage, and ensure you’re drinking water every 30-60 minutes while on the midway. Staying hydrated can help to lessen bloating and water retention from salty foods, remove toxins and waste from your body, and can help to regulate your temperature while walking in the heat.

Move your body – Stampede can be a busy week, often making it difficult to fit in your regular workouts. Plan your workouts after big events. You will feel so much better for sweating it out! Move as much as possible throughout the day by parking farther away, taking the stairs, and walking whenever possible.

Get plenty of sleep – Sleep is the body’s most effective form of recovery. Stampede week can be taxing, getting 8-10 hours of sleep helps to keep you feeling and functioning at your best.

Feeling unmotivated? Book in for classes. If you have questions on how to stay on track with your goals, contact one of our Health & Fitness professionals today at

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