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De-Clutter Before Summer

It’s Spring.... summers around the corner and it’s time to open windows and breathe some fresh air inside your home!

I had a friend call me two weeks ago - said she had to let go of her house cleaner in March and doesn’t know how to clean her house....! Seriously. She asked me where to start and for any tips I might have. After my laughter stopped... this is basically what I told her ‘I’ did to spring clean - not necessarily in this order!

Windows. I need to see no streaks but I am a little OCD so this may not bother anyone. I also have many windows and I like them clean. Hire those guys in Kilts they do a fantastic job. Or DYI it but outside is difficult - I use Invisible Glass Spray for windows and mirrors. Use newspaper - paper towels leave bits on your glass.

Take a wet cloth and walk around entire house one day and wipe all the baseboards! Especially if you have a pet of any kind. Dust and vacuuming seems obvious but I usually start with all the bathrooms. Start at the top of your house and work your way to the bottom. Clean toilets first then sinks then floors. In that order. Use separate cloths. Duh. Wipe off the top of all your artworks. Get rid of that clutter! I am also a minimalist but if you like your trinkets maybe toss the ones that aren’t interesting to you anymore. Or the ones you just kept for when Aunt Alison came over... . It’s time to declutter.

Move portraits around or even furniture - you’ll find more dirt and you make a room interesting again with things in different spots.

Closets. This may take a week. Clothing - if you haven’t worn it in two years you probably won’t. Chuck it. (Mustard Seed donations). Put items aside that just need repair or a button and make a pile. Clean shoes - put away winter ones take out summer ones. Try on summer things and if they don’t fit - start working out. ;)

Drawers: repeat. Files and papers: Go through old taxes you only need last 7 years of taxes. Throw away paperwork that’s simply a fire hazard! (I own 4 fire extinguishers). If you don’t own one it may be a good idea for your home. I digress.....

Bedding: Flip mattress. Wash mattress protector. It gets worn and smelly from body sweat and people seem to forget about it. That goes for pillow cover protectors as well.

Kitchen - clean out drawers, fridge, oven, microwave. Rewash things that look half done or sticky like muffin tins! Alphabetized your spices and toss foods that have been in your pantry that look alive or greenish. Or just hairy. If you have 700 of anything ....forks, tupperware, fry pans etcetera ....donate most of them to Mustard Seed . You only needs 12 max of anything like that and it just adds clutter and uses space.

Vacuum upholstery. Not fun but it does get dusty and crumbs show up where you least expect them too! Wash all your TV blankets too! They get wine and chips crumbs on them too.

Disinfect door handles and surfaces and taps etc when this is all done.

Trim your plants or decide if they still make your smile. Water them or toss them.

Wash all your ski, winter and smelly stuff from last 6 months and store it for next winter. Tidy the skis and winter stuff.... garage should be orderly and made easy to reach for your bike and runners now! Get your summer items ready to be used....Maybe your fish tackle...maybe your tent gear. Whatever.

Check all your batteries - fire alarm etc. and check all your lighting fixtures wires are tidy and not chewed through by pets. Or kids. ;)

Retire old makeup! Retire old jewelry. Or just retire!

Hope this helps. Back to raking!


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