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COVID Lessons

Karen Vouri

As a single person, who loved her job as a high school teacher and who has worked in the fitness industry for … almost 40 years, I have always been busy. When COVID hit in March 2020, although the fitness centers were closed down and I lost one very big part of my social outlet, I was able to continue to interact with my students, co-workers and friends virtually. I kept busy in down times by cleaning my house, working in my yard, starting my first vegetable garden and adjusting to the new world of technology.

After almost 40 years as a teacher for the Calgary School Board, I retired in October of 2020. The joy of working with the students was suddenly over-shadowed by the constant worry of what the COVID-19 virus brought day in and day out. Although it was a difficult decision, I haven’t looked back. Wow, what a roller coaster it’s been for all teachers and students since then. I feel for them and the challenges they face every day.

What the COVID-19 experience has taught me is this: life is too short. The changes I made, and the changes that COVID brought, has had a great impact on my life. I’ve learned that we have to adapt. Enjoying the moment, trying new things and laughing are vital to our existence. I also try to watch the news less and treat everyone with consideration and respect because you can’t assume you know what is happening in their lives.


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