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Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Benefits of a Personal Trainer (Also known as a Fitness Coach)

Not sure if Personal Fitness Training is right for you? Perhaps the cost, or the daunting image of being pushed to near collapse is a little intimidating? The benefits, however, of using a Personal Trainer should be considered carefully as they're plentiful.

There are Personal Trainers to suit every personality and fitness type, fitness goal or recovery program. Be that aggressive "tough love" motivation or gentler, nurturing support, a Trainer's purpose is to help their clients achieve specific fitness goals effectively, efficiently, and without injury. Understanding the potential benefits of a Personal Trainer will help you decide if the financial investment is worth your while.

  • Personal Trainers are PROFESSIONALLY trained and certified to teach, coach and educate on the exercises chosen for you.

  • Your workouts are professionally designed, specifically for you, to help you reach your goals in the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE way possible.

  • You will learn safe and effective form when exercising, helping you AVOID INJURY.

  • Personal Trainers will teach you the most effective exercises for your specific GOALS.

  • Your Trainer will help you set realistic goals, and keep you on track to achieve those goals. ACCOUNTABILITY!

  • MOTIVATION is a Trainer’s middle name! Training harder and smarter will help you get results faster.

  • Personal Trainers will help you form good habits while helping you say good-bye to your bad habits.

  • Personal Trainers work with your SCHEDULE, and BUDGET. The choice is up to you when and how often you’d like to see a trainer.

  • Your Trainer can be MOBILE. Don’t like going to a gym? They can come to you.

  • How about “Virtual Training”? This allows trainer and client to meet no matter where they are.

  • If budget is a concern, or you want a group experience, most Trainers offer group training. Fun and economical!

  • You may want to refresh your current routine, find more challenge in each exercise and/or discover a more effective technique. A Trainer can help you do that too!

  • Personal Trainers have their own specific areas of expertise.

More choice = more chance to find a trainer who fits you = more chance of success!

Don’t let barriers stand in your way to a healthier, fitter you! Most Trainers offer a “FREE” introductory consultation enabling you to sit down, discuss your goals and learn what that Trainer might be able to do to help you achieve them.

Source: Thanks to Heavens Personal Fitness Coach Guy Bushell for his help with this blog.

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