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Beat the Heat this Summer!

Summer season can be hard on our bodies. Most of us skimp a bit on our daily water intake on a good day, but add bit of hot weather, dehydration and heat, and it can cause a big problem. Here are 7 tips to help you stay healthy and hydrated this summer.

1. Cool As Cucumber

Not just cucumber! Watermelon, muskmelon and mangoes are summer must-haves. They all share one common trait. They all are rich in minerals and have a high percentage of water content. To help beat the summer heat, try to include one into your daily diet.

2. Style Your Summer for The Heat

One of the most underrated style statements in your wardrobe, especially during the hot summer months, can be color choice. Light color clothes reflect the heat whereas darker colors tend to absorb more heat, increasing your body temperature and increasing your risk for heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

3. Be The Early Bird

Waking up early during summer is a refreshing experience. The calm, peaceful time when the world is quieter also tends to be the coolest time of the day. A welcome start to anyone’s day.

4. Bottoms Up

Hydration is a key in helping keep body temperatures down during hot weather. Some days, though, water just doesn’t cut it. Change it up by adding fruit juices to water. Or change it up with sparkling or infused water.

5. Towel Wrap

Take a towel, dip it into ice-cold water and wrap around your neck or hold it across your wrists, helping reduce your overall body temperature.

6. Ice Bucket

Fill a bucket ¼ full of water and add ice cubes to it. Put your feet in the icy water and, well, try to enjoy. Blood flow will increase in your legs and your body temperature will come down.

7. Always Have Water Close at Hand

There is nothing like being out and about and realizing you are thirsty. Thirst is a red flag when it comes to hydration. Keep your intake going throughout the day. Remember that ice water is harder on your internal organs so don’t worry if the ice melts– drink it down anyways.

Enjoy Summer!


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