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Amazing Benefits of Group Fitness

If you are looking for motivation, accountability, and community group fitness classes are a great way to both start and continue a fitness routine. Keep reading to learn about the benefits group fitness offers!

Benefits of Group Fitness

Social Health – Group Fitness can help to build community and support your social health as you get to know the other participants! In one study, the participants reported a sense of security in the community by helping to support and uplift each other and often had less fear of failure.

Set Schedules – Finding classes that work for your day and signing up early can help set you up for success! Planning workouts into your day helps keep you accountable and avoid missing a workout. Fitness Classes are often at the same time each week, this can help keep you on a consistent schedule.

Motivation – Group Fitness often leads to higher motivation as participants feel supported by other members and can progress safely with the guidance of the instructor. The exercise routines are continually changing and keep your workouts fresh. And the community built in class keeps people coming back!

Confidence – Group Fitness can be a great place to start building confidence in your fitness ability! This setting allows you to workout with an instructor and get help with form without feeling like all eyes are on you.

What should you look for with Group Fitness?

Expert Instructors – Always look for instructors with fitness-related degrees or certifications, this will ensure they know how the body works, how to design a workout for your best results, and how to safely teach the class for all fitness levels.

Safe environment – Make sure the space the class is taught in is safe and conducive to working out. The equipment is in good workout order and clean. As well, the space makes you feel welcome regardless of age, gender, race, etc.

Schedule times – Find a space that has classes at times that fit your schedule.

Variety of Classes – Look for a class schedule that offers a wide variety of options for training. There should be cardio, strength, interval training, mobility, yoga, Pilates, cycling and more. The greater the variety the better your results.

If you have questions on the benefits of Group Fitness or want to get started, contact one of our Health & Fitness professionals today at

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