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A paradigm shift is taking place in the Health and Wellness industry…..

✖️Calories no longer necessarily need to be counted.

✖️Not all carbs are bad.

✖️Hours of cardio isn’t the only way.

✖️’Diets’ don’t work, transformations do.

Let us finally reveal the TRUTHS behind the misconstrued diet doctrines.


The scale doesn’t determine you as a human, your weight doesn’t ALWAYS accurately represent your health, AND THERE AIN’T MEASURING TAPE LONG ENOUGH TO QUANTIFY YOUR WORTH!


In our 1st of 4 Virtual Nutrition Series starting October 7th, we will discuss the alternative reasons why you deserve to celebrate NON-SCALE VICTORIES.

Signs of these victories include:

✔️Increased energy (Adiòs brain fog)

✔️Decreased cravings (because you’ve learned to satisfy them)

✔️Elevated Confidence

✔️Improved mood

✔️Less doctors visits


✔️That favourite pair of jeans, fitting just right 😉

…….. Shall I go on? ……

Through knowledge and education, we explain how the power of protein & optimal digestive function can radically improve your state of being. We also provide insight on the sabotage in which sugar plays on the body, and how to combat this all of its corresponding counterparts.

Let’s get together and CELEBRATE these non-scale victories!

Virtual Nutrition Series – with Jamie Kaye

Wednesdays October 7th, 14, 21 and 28th. 7-8p

Zoom sessions will be recorded and sent to participants at the end of the session.

Non-Scale Victories – October 7th –

Call 403-263-3113 to register today!

4 part series - $127 + GST M, $149 + GST NM

Single session - $45 + GST $49.50 + GST NM

October 14 – Power of Protein

October 21 – Sugar Sabotage

October 28 – Healthy Gut

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