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A Fresh Approach to New Year Goals

It is the time of year when we reflect on the past and look to the future. This year take the time to recognize your achievements and build on your successes.


Track your progress.

Whatever goal you choose; ensure you have a way of tracking.


·       Take measurements,

·       Write down daily success such as eating 4 servings of vegetables,

·       Track water intake,

·       Take progress photos.

If you choose to weigh yourself as a way of tracking, keep in mind our weight fluctuates with water intake, sodium intake, body composition changes – muscle replacing fat, heavy meals, high stress levels, poor sleep, and for females your cycle can fluctuate your weight; so, take the number on the scale lightly.


Create a vision board.

Seeing your goals daily can help motivate you even on the hard days! One way to do this is to put your goal up where you can see it, add words of encouragement and reminders of tasks to complete daily around it. Another option is to create a board game like visual; place smaller, short-term goals leading up to your long-term goal, think of small rewards to give yourself when you reach these goals!


Talk about it.

Share your resolutions with supportive friends and family. This can help to keep you on track and stay motivated on days where you may struggle.


Stick with it.

Choose a goal you can work towards consistently; change doesn't come easily and doesn't happen overnight. Being consistent over a long period of time with small tasks will be much easier to maintain rather than trying to change everything all at once and burning out after a month.


Be patient.

It takes about 3 weeks to learn new habits and takes about 12 weeks to notice physical changes. Progress photos can be extremely helpful to see changes over time, along with the rest of the tracking options you choose.


Be realistic.

Choose short-term & long-term goals, make them attainable. Your short-term goal should help get you to your long-term goal.

  • Short term goals should be able to be achieved in under 3 months. Examples: Drinking 2L of water daily, working out 3 days a week, losing 5lbs, walking 10,000 steps daily.

  • Long term goals should be able to be achieved in 6 months - 1 year. Examples: Losing 20 lbs, running a 5k, gaining 5 lbs of muscle.


If you have questions or want more tips, contact one of our Health & Fitness professionals today at 


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