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Winter Sports Injury Prevention

Winter sports are back in full swing! Being more active, trying new things as well as enjoying the great outdoors are healthy motivators to start the new year off right! Three of the most popular winter activities are skiing, skating, and hockey, below are tips to stay injury free!

Downhill Skiing

Common Injuries

· ACL & MCL Tears (knees)

· Shoulder Dislocations & Fractures

· Lower Body Fractures

· Wrist, Thumb, & Hand Fractures

· Frostbite

· Head injuries such as Concussions

Avoiding Injuries

· Train during the off season to keep muscles strong and agile

· Stretch before and after skiing

· Check your equipment yearly and keep up with maintenance

· Know your ability level and do not go above it

· Avoid wrapping pole straps around your thumb to minimize finger injury

Ice Skating

Common Injuries

· ACL Tears (knees)

· Ankle & Wrist Sprains & Fractures

· Hand Injuries

· Lacerations

· Head injuries such as Concussions

Avoiding Injuries

· Wear the proper equipment including a helmet, high quality skates, and if you’re a beginner consider padding such as wrist and knee guards

· Ensure your skates fit properly, the improper fit can put stress on bones, tendons, and ligaments. most retailers selling skates will have the knowledge to help

· Warm up and stretch before skating and stretch after skating. Cold muscles are prone to tears and injury.

Ice Hockey

Common Injuries

· ACL & MCL Tears & Strains (knees)

· Wrist Fractures

· Shoulder Dislocations

· Concussions

· Spinal injuries

· Low back injuries.

Avoiding Injuries

· Wear proper equipment including high quality sharpened skates, a helmet, and padding

· Maintain your fitness during the off season, especially with the lower body and core

· warm up before playing, stretch before and after playing hockey

Taking the right precautions, regular tune-ups for equipment, and giving your body time to adjust to new movements can all help significantly in avoiding injuries to ensure you can have fun all season long!

For more tips or for help getting your body ready to participate in activity this year, contact our professionals at

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