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Goodbye Summer. Hello New Routines!

As we get closer to fall consider creating a new and improved routine for yourself! Start by setting new goals or re-focusing on previous ones and think about how to reach them. Below are several tips to help you work towards your Health and Fitness goals and end this year on a great note!

Be realistic – When setting goals for yourself be realistic! Your goals could be something like fat loss, gaining muscle, completing a pullup, reducing knee pain; Focus on what is most important to you now, and in the long term. Writing your goals down and revisiting them often can be a great way to keep yourself motivated and on track.

Consistency is key – When working towards a goal, consistency is your biggest helper! Working out regularly even in shorter increments will get you further than working out once a week for a long period of time! The same can be said about nutrition, eating well consistently and having treats in moderation is more beneficial than a 30-day crash diet.

Be creative – Get creative with your workouts! Life can be busy, and we may not always have time to get to the gym. Using your body weight at home or outside is a great option for those days where you can only spend 20-30 minutes on a workout. Remember consistency? Getting 20 minutes of movement in is better than nothing at all.

Nutrition is a major influencer – When it comes to Health and Fitness, nutrition is arguably the most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and will contribute to about 80% of your progress. Eating well consistently doesn’t have to be complicated, start with the basics. Each meal should consist of 1/2 of your plate being fruits and vegetables, about 1/4 of your plate being protein such as chicken, beef, or tofu, 1/4 of your plate being grains and starchy vegetables such as quinoa and sweet potatoes and add in a small amount of healthy fats such as avocado or nuts & seeds.

Treat yourself to those less nutritious items such as cookies in moderation, this could be having one small portion daily after dinner or cutting back throughout the week to have a date night on Friday’s. Whatever you choose to do, remember restricting yourself from treats completely often leads to binging once we finally allow ourselves to have something.

Utilize supplements – Adding multivitamins, Omega 3, and Vitamin D3 can be beneficial to your progress by giving you an extra boost of energy, and filling any nutritional gaps that may be missing in your diet! Consulting with your doctor and dietician before taking any supplements is always suggested and encouraged.

If you have questions on ways to start a new routine and get the most out of it, contact one of our Health and Fitness professionals today at

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